Next week is Valentine’s Day… yep, we can’t believe it either! In light of the special day, we’re here to bring you our top 5 Valentine’s Day Campaigns of all time.

1. Innocent Smoothies

valentine's day campaign 2012

In 2012, Innocent asked their customers to pick their partner’s favourite smoothie and create a personalised label. People could then print these labels out and create a personalised gift for a loved one. Many people shared their labels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, creating hype around the campaign.

2. Nivea

Valentine's Day Campaign Nivea

Nivea created a simple Valentine’s Day campaign by encouraging Facebook users to share their first kiss stories last Valentine’s Day. This was such an easy way to get their customers talking and the post received 13,000 likes!

3. Deliveroo

Everyone knows the term ‘third wheel’ to describe when you’re single and hanging out with a bunch of people in relationships. Well, Deliveroo took this concept and ran with it, telling the story of Kevin- a third wheel. The narrator explains how boring the single life is, and adds, “Deliveroo can help you give the third-wheel in your life some love.” Simple, funny and effective.

Check out their 2021 campaign which we found to be just as engaging!

4. Frankie & Benny’s

Valentine's Day Campaign Frankie & Bennys

In 2019, Frankie & Benny’s make us all laugh with their “Lady & the Tramp” Instagram Post. The real dog’s mimicking Lady and the Tramp got a lot of attention, but it was the post’s caption which encouraged audiences to interact with the brand by guessing which movies were being referenced. This created a lot of engagement and really boosted Frankie & Benny’s brand awareness.

5. Facebook Messenger Heart Feature

Valentine's Day Campaign Facebook

In 2018, Facebook Messenger’s Twitter announced that if you shared that you were “In a Relationship” with a friend you were messaging, celebratory hearts would rain down in your conversation with that person.

The Takeaway Message

So the takeaway message is that a Valentine’s Day campaign needs to:

1. Be relatable

2. Grab your audience’s attention

3. Provoke an emotion

There you have it! Let us know what your favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns are in the comments!

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