apps to stay organised

As a small business owner, you know just how important it is to stay on top of all your tasks and deadlines. But doing so can be difficult. Managing your business’s online strategy can be extremely tedious especially since you have to balance so many tasks on a day-to-day basis.

The good news is you’re not alone and we’re here to make your life that little bit easier by introducing you to 5 apps to stay organised in 2022.

How can apps help your business?

Owning a small business and juggling many responsibilities simultaneously come hand in hand. Apps are a great way to stay organised, improve your efficiency and reduce your expenses. Whether you’re looking for productivity apps to keep your mind focused on the task at hand, or project management apps to allow your employees to work from home more easily, we’ve got you covered.

So if it’s your New Year’s Resolution to stay organised in 2022, here’s our top 5 apps to do the job!

1. Notion

organisation app

Starting the lineup is Notion. This app is incredibly flexible and is great for organization. You can take notes, manage projects, manage tasks, create a workflow calendar, and so much more!

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2. Google Drive

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Google Drive is a great app if you find yourself with a large or growing amount of digital files. This app allows you to store all your files in one place and even edit them on the go. Google Drive is also great for collaboration. Team members can work together on shared files and you can even give live feedback without the need for a meeting.

3. Trello

project management app

Trello is a project management app that is both fun and flexible. This app organises projects into the boards, lists and cards, making project management simple.

4. Slack

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This app is a messaging tool that connects teams whether they’re in the office or working from home. If you’re looking for a communication tool that allows you to send messages to one person or an entire team, Slack is your new best friend. We all know that emails can get deleted or lost, and important information rarely gets to everyone. The good thing about Slack is that all the communication is kept in one place so everyone is always in the know.

5. Evernote

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Evernote helps you keep all your great ideas in one place. You can save images, articles, PDFs and audio in the app. If that wasn’t enough you can even add your schedule!

There you have it. 5 Apps to keep your small business organised in 2022. We hope you found this article helpful and we’d love to hear any other apps that your small business uses to stay organised.

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apps to stay organised

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