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Due to the latest government guidance, many of us are still working from home. Although many small business owners had concerns about remote working, it has actually proved to be a great success!

Imprint Design & Media here to give you 5 statistics that show just how positive remote working has been.

1. Productivity

productivity increase when working from home

65% of workers said they feel more productive in a home office than a normal office.

2. No In-Office Distractions

collaborating in office

Working from home reduces in-office distractions. In fact, 75% of workers say they are more productive due to reduced distractions!

3. Saving Money

saving money

By not having to commute and buy lunch every day, the average employed worker said they save £44.78 every week. That’s a huge saving that your employees can use elsewhere and can even reduce money-related stress.

4. No Commute


The average daily commute time in the UK is now 59 minutes. By working from home, your employees save almost five hours a week that they would normally spend in transit. As well as being good news for employees, some of this extra time may be spent working.

5. CO2 Emissions

co2 emissions

CO2 emissions dropped by at least 25% in February 2020, showing just how positive working from home is for the environment.

The Drawback

Although there are some clear benefits to working from home, it is important to note that there are some drawbacks. One in five remote workers have said that despite these positives, they now struggle with loneliness.

The Takeaway Message

The takeaway message here is that working from home is great for many people but the importance of looking after your employee’s mental health is impossible to ignore.

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working from home

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