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With 65% of the population categorised as ‘visual learners’, the importance of graphic design for your business is impossible to deny.

Make a positive first impression, build identity, convey your message more effectively and increase sales with our graphic design services.

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Did you know that people can remember 65% of visual information 3 days later, and only 10% of written content?

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a craft that we use to create visual content to communicate messages. These visuals can be as simple as a business logo, or as complex as page layouts on a website. We use graphic elements such as colour, form, line, shape and size combined with graphic design principles such as balance, contrast, movement and proportion to create visually striking and impactful designs.

So why do you need graphic design for your business?

First Impressions Matter

Graphic design is an important tool to help any business make a positive, lasting impression. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship. We help you ensure you start off with the right impression!

Consistency = Credibility

No matter what industry you’re in, graphic design will help your business create credibility. We ensure that your creative content helps solve problems and relieve pain points. This means that your customers are more likely to view you as trustworthy in your field.

Efficient Communication of Ideas

Studies show that infographics- which combine an image with text- are 3x more engaging than text-only content. We add engaging and relevant infographics to text to deepen your potential customer’s understanding and recollection of your brand.

How can Imprint Design help your business?

There are lots of valid reasons to need a form for your business. Whether you want an online contact form on your website, or paper forms you can give to your clients, we’ve got you covered.

We create all our forms with your business’s brand in mind. As a result, you can gather information about your customers easily in your own branded document.

From your every day business cards, to your high quality showcase folders, we design and print your stationery so your brand never goes unmissed!

We have teamed up with the best print companies in Medway to provide an all-in-one print management service. From designing your bespoke print products, to putting them to press, we cover the entire process from start to finish.

Find out more on our Printing page.

Here at Imprint Design & Media, we know just how important a unique logo is for your business. After all, without a logo how would your business be identified?

Whether you need a logo rebrand or you’re taking your first steps into branding, you can be assured that our designs are all fully bespoke and tailor-made to your business.

Why not check out our Logo Design page to see how we can help you.

Our team know just how important unique social graphics are for your business. Your social graphics promote customer recognition and allow your business to stand out from the crowd.

We design and create your profile banners for sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This ensures that no matter where your customers search for your business, they are always greeted with the same branding. Moreover, consistent branding ensures that you present yourself as a reliable and trustworthy business to your potential customers.

Find out more about how we can expand your business with social media on our Social Media page.

By creating a brand bible you can ensure that your marketing is consistent across your entire business. We fix you up with a new business outfit that will be sure to leave that lasting impression.

Dive into your logo, colour scheme, typography, logo variations, social media imagery and more with an all in one package.

Find out more on our Branding page.

One year ago, who could have predicted Zoom would play such a large part of our lives today. The number of Zoom users exploded from 10 million at the end of 2019 to more than 300 million just four months later!

Stay branded in all of your meetings with a zoom background designed with your business in mind. We create your Zoom background so that you can appear as professional and reliable no matter where you are working from.

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