Whether you put on a scary costume, answer the door to local trick-or-treaters, carve a pumpkin or perhaps even venture out for some sweets yourself, there’s no escaping Halloween! It is predicted that Brits will spend around £687 million on Halloween this year… that number even gives us a bit of a fright!

halloween marketing ideas

So before we all get our scare on this year, let’s have some skele-fun and dive into our top 3 scarily good Halloween marketing ideas for your business!

Create a Halloween Themed Logo

One simple way to get into the Halloween spirit is to put a Halloween-themed twist on your brand’s logo. Remember that the identity that your brand portrays to its audience helps build long-term connections and loyalty with customers

Switch up your logo to:

Be the ghostess with the mostess: Use this holiday to show off your company’s character, demonstrate your creative flair and stand out from your competition. If it suits your brand identity, let your audience know that you’re fun, relaxed and trendy.

Give em’ pumpkin to talk about: Communicate with your customers and make them feel something towards your brand. Your themed logo can make them feel surprised, inspired or simply provoke a smile!

Make them join the fang club: By ensuring that your Halloween identity can be seen on every platform, you’ll have more chances of reaching and intriguing new customers which in turn will increase your sales!

halloween pumpkin

Halloween Logo Ideas

It’s important to remember that although you are altering your logo to suit the holiday, your corporate identity must still shine through. Basically what we’re saying is that it’s important to creep it real. You don’t want to confuse your customers, deter your target audience or make them think your business is going in a different direction than they expected. You can even create two separate concepts and release them in a poll a few weeks before the day to get your customer’s feedback on which one to choose!

Switch up your colour palette

Why not give your logo an orange and black makeover? If you have any highlight colours in your logo simply replacing them with orange is a subtle way to introduce the holiday spirit. This works particularly well for more corporate businesses such as mortgage brokers and insurance advisers who want to spark engagement but do not have the corporate identity to go crazy!

Add a fa-boo-lous icon

Another one of our top halloween marketing ideas is to incorporate an icon into your logo! Halloween is associated with a whole range of different symbols. Think pumpkins, witches, ghosts, bats, skeletons… the list goes on! Incorporating one into your logo is a great way to make your branding stand out for the holiday. Here’s some examples of elements you can take from each icon to add to your logo:

  • Evil grin

  • Place your brand’s name inside a pumpkin

  • Change a circular element into a pumpkin

  • Stylise your logo to look like one

  • Pointed hat

  • Broom

  • Silhouette

  • Ghost flying over your current logo

  • Add wings

  • Have a bat holding your logo

  • If you have a mascot character turn it into a skeleton

  • Dress a skeleton to have branded clothes

Create a Halloween Themed Landing Page

Now you’ve switched up your logo, it’s time to do the same to your website’s landing page! Replace your old logo with your Halloween one, utilise Halloween graphics and even change some typography to match the theme.

You can create professional-looking graphics on sites such as Adobe Illustrator and Canva.

halloween background

Make Use of Witty Captions

Use social media and email marketing to get your customers into the spirit. Creative messaging can really increase engagement on your posts and add some much needed positivity to your audience’s timelines.


  • No tricks, just treats

  • Ready, set, ghoul!

  • A better business than ours? That’s witch-ful thinking

  • Who you gonna call? (Business name)

Holidays like Halloween are a fang-tastic way to get creative with your company’s marketing! So take advantage of our top 3 Halloween marketing ideas for your business’s strategy this year. If you need help creating your perfect holiday logo, our team is ready to have some skele-fun! Get in touch here!

halloween marketing ideas

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