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When you join the client portal, we’ll provide your business with an in-depth snapshot report to analyse your marketing performance.

  • Detailed reports in 7 major categories of your digital marketing presence

  • Personalised data based on your business’s marketing performance

  • Real-time data that ensures your report is up-to-date and relevant

Grow your business with a personalised strategy

The detailed report of your digital marketing performance allows us to build effective and personalised strategies to grow your business online!

At Imprint Design, we’re all about transparency, and our report gives you peace of mind that we’re helping your business in the places it really needs.


Ranking your performance

The aim of a snapshot report is to get a complete overview of your performance online. We rank your digital marketing performance based on your:

  • Social Media

  • Website
  • Reviews

  • Listings

  • SEO

  • Advertising

  • E-commerce

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