Project Details

  • Branding, Website, Social Media Management & Guidance
  • Biggest win- 108+ leads per month

The Client

Just Soe is a local hair and beauty salon offering a full range of services including haircuts, brow treatments and massages.


In 2022, the client approached us with a new business venture called Just Soe. They sought our services to rebrand themselves with a contemporary and captivating logo and website. Our brief was to create a distinctive and visually appealing design that reflected their core values and objectives. The client also expressed their desire to expand their customer base and wished to do so by increasing their engagement on all social media platforms.

  • Create a fresh on-brand logo

  • Design a modern website with an integrated booking system
  • Get 40 leads per month
  • Increase engagement on social media


Our first project was to design a modern and polished logo that reflected the character and personality of Just Soe's brand. We then implemented their brand colours and typography across the new website which has led to them getting an impressive 3,681 unique website visitors within 12 months. We also integrated Timely, a salon booking system, to streamline appointment scheduling and to make the process as easy as possible for clients. By managing Just Soe’s social media channels for the first 3 months after their launch, we have given them the necessary guidance and support on how to maximise engagements and increase their clientele.


In the last 12 months:

  • 108+ leads per month

  • 3,047 engagements on social media

  • 3,681 unique website visitors


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We are extremely proud of the work we have done for Just Soe, and it has been a privilege watching their business go from strength to strength over the past year. From gaining 108+ new leads per month to increasing their engagements across all social media platforms, we have achieved fantastic results for Just Soe and have enjoyed watching them put our guidance into practice.