It’s no secret that people are going to have opinions about your business and even if you think you’re doing everything right, there’s a chance you may still receive a negative review.


How you respond to a negative review impacts not only the reviewer, but all the sets of eyes that come afterward. Seeing a business handle a particularly challenging review online suggests that management is proud of their business, and willing to go the extra mile to maintain their reputation!

Make potential clients see the light with these four steps: apologize, promote, get offline, keep it simple.

So, How Exactly Should You Respond?

1. Apologise & Sympathise

The first step towards fixing a problem is acknowledging that one occurred. Regardless of what happened, a simple apology and sympathy for your customer’s experience goes a long way. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you had a complaint about a business, how would you like it to be handled?

2. Promote

So your famous vanilla cake wasn’t up to par the day this particular customer visited. If that’s what you are known for, why not reiterate that? “Our vanilla cake are usually a hit, we’re sorry to hear that they weren’t up to par when you visited!” Responding like this could even make your dissatisfied customer want to give your cake another go!

3. Move the conversation offline

Don’t open a can of worms. Your followers are always watching so you don’t want to leave a bad taste in their mouths. Keep the lid on tight by offering the reviewer the chance to reach out via phone, email or both.

4. Keep it simple

Avoid specifics and don’t ask questions. Those conversations are much better served in a space away from the prying public!

One Last Tip

When you reply to a negative review, always remember to leave your business name, location and category out. You don’t want your negative reviews showing up in search and driving potential customers away from your business.

A Great Example

If you’re still unsure, here’s a fantastic example of how to respond to a negative review.

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Reputation Management

You can use software to pull in your reviews from all over the web so you can respond quickly. And if you don’t have time, seek out our Digital Agency services to do it for you. Not only do we guarantee expertise, we guarantee it in a hurry: we respond to reviews as soon as our software pulls them in!

Are you finding it hard to spend time replying to reviews about your business? Monitor, manage and improve your online reputation with our reputation management tool. Respond directly to reviews from one place, be found everywhere your customers are searching, track every conversation across the web and more!

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