Branding is a process that aims to make a business unique and stand out in its market. Your brand gives your business personality, promotes recognition, sets customer expectations and allows your business to stand out from the crowd. So, how do you build a successful brand?

1. Determine your target audience


Identifying your target audience allows your business to focus its marketing efforts on type of people that are most likely to buy from you, maximising your sales!

2. Define your values and create a mission statement

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A mission statement aims to define your business’ purpose, values, and goals. This helps you to ensure that all aspects of your business are going in the right direction, and enables you to stay focused on achieving your goals.

3. Research competitors

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This allows you understand what your competitors offer and how your business is different from the rest. You can then identify your unique selling point, (USP) and use this to drive your marketing.

4. Develop your logo and colour scheme to form you brand’s voice


Your logo and colour scheme enable you to set your business apart from its competitors. A good logo is key and should be distinctive, easily recognisable, simplistic, flexible and relevant.

5. Showcase your brand and be consistent


Now you have developed your unique brand, it’s time to show it off!

But before this, you need to ensure that your branding is consistent across all aspects of your business, including its social media, business cards, website etc.

Being consistent allows you to establish awareness, build trust and deliver your services efficiently and profitably. Without brand consistency, you are more likely to lose sight of the direction you want to take your business in and neglect your business’ goals!

Check out how others do it for some inspiration for your business.

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