Are you a procrastinator? Well you’re not alone. Leonardo da Vinci had an apparent knack for being easily distracted. Just ask the Mona Lisa how long it took him to finish her… Not 6 months, not 1 year… the answer is 16 years!

So if you too are a bit of a Leonardo, fear not! We’re here to give you our top tips for working more productively.

1. Prioritise Time-Sensitive and High-Value Tasks

time management strategies

If you want to be more productive, you need to manage your time well and prioritise tasks that either need to be done soonest (time-sensitive) or tasks that will reward you the most (high-value). By doing this, you also unload a lot of stress that comes with dealing with such tasks. Ask yourself which tasks are giving you the most anxiety. Usually it will be either those that are time-sensitive or high-value. Knock these off your to do list!

2. Set Mini Deadlines

time management strategies

Most (if not all) of your tasks have a deadline. And if it’s not an official deadline, it’s one you’ve set yourself. Examples of mini deadlines are clearing your inbox before 4pm or perhaps it’s to finish 4 sales calls that day. By making mini deadlines a habit, you break the habit of procrastinating.

3. Track the Time you Spend Working on Tasks

time management strategies

Why should you track how long you spend on tasks?

– To have a better idea of how much work you can do per hour (and how much to charge for your services)

– You’ll find new ways to reduce distractions and become faster

– To be able to plan your day with a realistic idea of what you can get done

– To know how much time you’ll need to spend on specific tasks

4. Use Productivity Apps

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Check out our article on our top 5 apps to keep your business organised in 2022. Spoiler alert: our favourite is Notion!

5. Limit Distractions

time management

Put your phone on do not disturb, set up helpful Chrome extensions on your computer or tell others not to disturb you between certain hours.

The Takeaway Message

We all know how hard it is to consistently maintain productivity so be kind on yourself if you’re struggling. With these 5 time management strategies, you can start to think of productivity as a habit and incorporate it into your daily life.

What are some ways you like to stay productive? Let us know in the comments.

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time management strategies

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