It’s All About Your Keywords

So you’ve heard that improving your SEO will help you get found online more easily? It’s no secret that a key strategy for improving your SEO ranking is implementing keywords into your website, blog and URL.


Imprint Hint: Including the wrong keywords or too many keywords can be just as detrimental.

Keywords play an integral role when it comes to helping a small business get found online. So let’s get to it…

3 Tips to Improve Keyword Research

1. Do your own research

Keyword research isn’t just something that should be done once, but instead should be seen as an ever-changing process that involves a strategy for your business. Including keywords that are specific to your industry ensures that the right customers are being driven to your door, rather than just anyone. Although the goal is to increase your customer base, it’s just a simple fact that some customers won’t match your target market and may not find value in your business.

2. Use the right keywords

There are two different types of keywords, long-tail and short-tail. Short-tail keywords are composed of one word and may seem appealing since they’re searched more often than long-tail keywords, however are much more competitive. You don’t want to end up in a sea of competitors with big brands with even bigger pockets!

Long-tail keywords are phrases and compared to short-tail, they may not be as frequently searched. However, by including more long-tail keywords into the content of your webpage, you’ll attract a larger number of customers who search for any combination of those long-tail keywords.

3. Avoid going crazy

Adding almost any keyword you can think of is referred to as keyword stuffing and is largely considered a taboo in the digital marketing world. It can mislead customers and cause them to find no value in your business.

Imprint Hint: Less is more and quality will always win over quantity.

Your website’s content should include keywords in a natural way. However, by inputting keywords into a few sentences and repeating them over and over, you’re stuffing your content with keywords. Even if they’re good keywords, it’s still too much.

Manage Your SEO The Right Way

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